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ACC Campaign

After more than a year of on-and-off development and an extraordinary amount of work, we present the new ACC Campaign!

The campaign is initially divided into three paths, true, standard, and tech acc. You'll need to clear one path all the way to one of the ACC Champ milestones and pass it to join the clan. It's important to note that this campaign is not intended to be an introduction to acc, it starts hard and rapidly gets harder. At the time of writing, the final milestone and several of the levels preceding it aren't passable by anyone. All of the levels are simply acc requirements, there's none of the frustrating "maintain acc" challenges you might be familiar with from the 115 guild progression campaign.


This campaign has not been released for Quest, given the CustomCampaigns mod has not been ported yet. We do not know when this will be ported, nor released.


This campaign is very hard, and most people won't make it past Mercenary. If you do not know the basics of accuracy, we generally recommend to either play the 115 Progression Campaign or use Rocker's Acc/Low Midspeed playlist. Current version is 1.15 and can be found in the Acc Champ Discord.

How To Play

We have a github repo with campaign zips that contains everything you need to play the campaign, just put it in your Beat Saber folder and extract it, that's all. Find the latest release here:

Bot Commands

Here are the commands you can use in #campaign-commands:

/register [scoresaber profile] Sign up with the bot so it knows who you are.
/rankup Rank up to your highest passed milestone!
/get-rewards Get all the rewards you’ve earned DM’d to you.



Do not leak the rewards to other players, every reward is uniquely identifiable to you so we'll know 👀

Supported Versions

Version Supported Reason
1.18.3 or older No Outdated
1.19.0 Yes
1.19.1 No Scoring bug
1.20.0 Yes
1.21.0 Yes
1.22.0 Yes
1.22.1 Yes
1.23.0 Yes
1.24.0 Yes

Last update: December 20, 2023