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Make sure you have atleast a basic understanding of accuracy before you read this. None of this is useful if you have no clue what you are doing.

What is an "acc map" exactly?

An acc map is any map where the player does not have to worry about missing notes or under-swinging frequently. Therefore, acc maps focus on the 15 points for accuracy out of the 115. Speed acc, or accuracy on speed maps, is a different skill that the acc community does not focus as much on.

There are 3 categories of accuracy maps that we focus on:

  • True: True acc maps are the slowest acc maps and contain simple patterns. They test the player’s precision, with the best true acc players being able to set scores above 99.5%.
  • Standard: Standard acc maps contain common patterns, yet they likely will have denser note concentrations than in true acc maps, giving less time for the player to react and plan out their swings.
  • Tech: Tech acc maps may be faster than true or standard maps, but do not have to be faster, and contain more complex patterns than you would find in those maps; however, maintaining a full combo in tech acc maps is still not too challenging.

Strategies you should learn to use while playing accuracy

  • Full Swinging: As stated in the basics page, full swinging means you swing with the full 110/90 swing radius. Achieving this isn't hard, but can take a little bit of focus. We generally recommend gradually increasing the swing angle as you learn.
  • Hilting: A common technique for true and standard acc maps that is easy to implement and greatly improves your accuracy potential is “hilting”, or hitting the block with the hilt of your saber. This technique is most commonly used true acc maps and somewhat on standard acc maps. It's more common to hit the notes more with the middle of your saber on tech acc.
  • Time Dependent Swings: As you play accuracy maps, you may notice the angle you can cut the notes at is quite lenient. The notes allow you to cut them as much as 60 degrees in each direction away from the cut direction. Using this to your advantage is called cutting with low time dependence. Need a quick video guide? Check out this video by Dedzix on the topic, or read the TD page we have.
  • Relaxed swings: Having relaxed swings while playing accuracy is almost a requirement. One reason for this is, if you can control your swings, you usually have a lot better accuracy. One main factor for people having worse acc is a phenomenon called "saber wobble," which only appears when you swing fast enough to where you can't reliably control your swings - Pay attention to a figure-8 or an oval swing pattern, this is an indication that you don't have proper control of your swings.
  • Swing speed: Pay attention to the speed of your swings. If they are too quick your swings will end up being snappy, if they are too slow, you'll end up missing as a result. Play around with it and find your perfect middleground between speed and accuracy.

Last update: December 20, 2023